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Network solutions

By outsourcing your IT services, Gist will help you plan, design and implement your business network. Whether you have only a couple or thousands of users, you need your users to work from multiple locations or a centralised point, you need your work backed up or to ensure your network is secure - we will take care of it.

We supply the entire network “backbone”, which comprises data cabinets, cabling from point to point, wireless infrastructure, servers, VOIP telephones and breakout kits for desktop machines. We only use KRONE and Lambda products as well as advanced instruments to ensure that installation meets or exceeds IT industry standards. And we'll make sure it all keeps working through top-class after sales support and service.

We also supply tablets, laptops, desktops, servers and all related computer hardware necessary to make your office environment run smoothly. We install, customise and maintain your server software based on Linux, Microsoft and Exchange servers as well as desktop operating systems like Microsoft, Ubuntu and Mac OSX.


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