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Tired of wasting valuable time on IT?

These 4 issues unnecessarily use up valuable time of your employees that could be used more productively. Gain insight into how outsourcing your IT department at Gist could prevent these sinkholes in the future.

  1.      Manual Chores

Installations, updates, patches... Are you implementing technology, or fiddling with it?

In a survey of workers at more than 3,700 companies, respondents estimated that they spend an average 72% of their budgets on such keep-the-lights-on functions as supporting ongoing operations and maintenance, while only 28% goes toward new projects.

  1.      Off-duty jobs

In one study in 2012, respondents said 37% of time wasted at work was due to “fixing other peoples’ mistakes.” Outsourcing your IT department can prevent these mistakes.

Forget investing valuable time into trying to keep up to date on IT yourself. At Gist we keep you updated on the latest IT risks and trends. We will make sure your IT systems can live up to today’s needs while aligning with the organization’s future demands.

Another survey of 200 IT professionals reported that 29% of respondents said they %u2028have lost count of the amount of time they spend each month on troubleshooting issues; 59% said that more than four people are involved in fixing these problems.

With our Navigator Platform we can foresee problems and eliminate them before they happen in order to keep your focused on the business, maximizing your productivity.

  1.      Fire fights

Who has time for preventing fires if you spend all day putting them out?

Here’s why prevention matters: Lost revenue from unplanned outages has increased by 56% since 2010.

Professionals say 27% of interruptions cost them two hours of time to get back to their original tasks.

Gist is watching your technology network at all times. In the case of a fire or any other event, all your data and software will be protected by securing your IT infrastructure and hosting your applications in the cloud.

  1.      Winging it

One third of respondents in the OpTier Survey have stated that service level requirements were not clear. Lack of visibility into IT transactions was cited by 32%.  Having no documentation can take up a lot of your time. At Gist we place a high value on transparency. Log in to our Navigator Platform for a clear overview of your IT – from your tickets for support and agreed service levels to the statuses of your servers.

Tired of wasting valuable time on IT? Contact Gist to hear more about our IT services. We ensure that technology is an enabler and not a distractor from getting your core business done.

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