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The business advantages of cloud computing.

There is more to cloud computing than just getting your compute resources, storage capacity or application as a service within minutes. The true power of cloud is what the technology – implementing rapidly deployed services in the cloud – can mean for your business.

According to South African research firm World Wide Worx, there was a 10% jump in SMEs in South Africa using cloud technology between 2014 and 2015 – bringing the tally to 39%.

     1. Agility / manageability

The first main reason for using cloud computing is agility. Cloud computing delivers improved agility because it has on-demand self-service and rapid elasticity. IT resources can be acquired and deployed more quickly and, once deployed, they can be increased or decreased as needed to meet demand. Through our innovative Navigator platform, you will also be able to pro-actively manage your IT infrastructure. Being able to deliver results faster, cheaper and with more quality might just give your business a competitive edge.

     2. Better use of resources

On the other side of the “business agility” model, more efficient projects and less operational issues allow your employees to spend their time on other more useful activities that may offer a greater potential value to your business. This benefit is different for every organization and harder to quantify, but people are an organizations biggest asset and this allows you to better utilize this asset.

Another take on better resource usage is based on the fact the principle of “economies of scale”; cloud service providers, in general, more efficiently utilize physical resources and reduce energy consumption in contract to a traditional IT approach. 

     3. Productivity

Increased productivity is the second main reason for using cloud computing. It provides a more productive environment for collaborative working, and improves productivity by enabling participants in a business ecosystem to share processing logic. 

     4. Cost

Given the advantages of agility and productivity that cloud computing can have, you might expect it to be generally more expensive. This is, however, not always the case, and reduced cost is one of the main reasons why companies are turning to the cloud.

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